• Connected As ONE

    York School District One is committed to strengthening our connections with our students, our parents, and the community, as a whole. Connected As ONE embodies the feeling in the district where we emphasize learning together, serving together, and giving together.

  • ONE Learns

    York One is dedicated to ensuring all students graduate prepared for success in college, careers, and citizenship.  To this end, YSD1 offers a variety of traditional and non-traditional learning opportunities for our students; teachers and staff members; and parents and community members.  Click to learn more on our ONE Learns page.

  • ONE Serves

    Service-learning benefits students, teachers, parents, and community members. Students gain academic knowledge and skills, interpersonal skills, and self-confidence. Teachers can enhance the quality of their teaching and support civic engagement. Parents and community members have an opportunity to engage with the school community positively. Click to learn more on our ONE Serves page.

  • ONE Gives

    Giving can inspire us to live a life of generosity and abundance. Engage with YSD1 through monetary donations, as well as, through your gifts of time, attention, compassion, presence, and wisdom. Click to learn more on our ONE Gives page.