Blackboard Mass Notifications

  • This automated notification system is for the York School District 1 students, families, community and staff. Notices such as school closings and delays, attendance, and other district and school information will be communicated via phone, email, and text messaging.

    Blackboard Mass Notifications also allows the district and schools to post notifications to the Blackboard YSD1 mobile App where any user can download and enable notifications from the district or specific school.  The YSD1 mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple and Android store. 

Parent/Guardian Data in Blackboard Mass Notifications

  • The Blackboard Mass Notification System uses data from the student information system (SIS) PowerSchool. Any person marked as a parent or guardian to a YSD1 student can enter their household phone number, cell phone number and email address used. It is important that parents/guardians verify and update their contact information by contacting the school(s) their children attend.

    School Cancellations or Delays

    When a decision is made before or after school hours, a broadcast will be sent as a phone call, an email, and a text message.

    A text message will come from short-code 606-80. Text messages labeled as Emergency will come from short-code 549-68.

    Contact information can be updated during Returning Student Registration that opens in July and anytime throughout the school year by contacting the school(s) of enrollment.

    For example, if you have disconnected your home phone line and use your cell as the main contact number for your household, then you must contact your student's school to request a change to your household phone number.

    Early Dismissals

    When students are in school and a decision is made to dismiss early, a "School Hours Emergency" message is sent.

    Please note that in the case of an early dismissal, all phone numbers are used. This includes a household phone, guardian's cell, guardian's work, emails and a SMS/text message will be sent.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why am I being contacted?

    Your phone number or email address is associated with either a staff member or with a guardian of a student at YSD1. 

    Why am I not being contacted?

    • Your information is not up to date in the student information system. Please contact your student's school to confirm the accuracy of your contact information.
    • You are not designated as a guardian within a student's household. Contact your student's school to confirm the accuracy of your guardian status.
    • The message was sent by a school in which your student is not registered.  Individual schools may send messages to their membership; students in all schools will not get all messages. District messages may send to all and/or certain grades and/or schools as well.

    Phone Calls

    Why am I not getting a phone call?

    You may not be marked as having a guardian relationship with a student in YSD1.  You may have unsubscribed your phone number.  Contact your child's school to resolve this issue.


    Why am I getting emails?

    You are specified as having a guardian relationship with a YSD1 student.

    How do I subscribe to receive an email?

    During New Student or Returning Student Registration, provide your email address in the Notification Contacts section of the registration process.  

    SMS/Text Messages

    Why did I get a text message?

    Your cell phone number is associated with a student at YSD1 and you are specified as a guardian.

    Why didn’t I get a text message?

    Your cell phone number may not be associated with a student at YSD1.  You may provide your cell phone number to your student’s school or include it as a SMS number during the registration process.

    How do I STOP receiving text messages?

    To immediately stop receiving text messages, either Reply to the undesired message with the word STOP or text STOP to 549-68 for emergency or 606-80 for general notices.

Employee/Staff Data in Blackboard Mass Notifications

  • The Blackboard Mass Notification System uses data from York School District 1's PowerSchool data for employee contact information (email addresses and phone numbers).

    It is important that employees verify and update their contact information through York School District 1's Human Resources Department to avoid the risk of not receiving notifications.


    E-Mail Address – this should be your YSD1 email address.

    Telephone Numbers

    Primary – We strongly suggest you add your cell phone number as your primary contact method. This will allow you to receive SMS text messages as well as voice messages from the district and school.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Phone/Voice Calls

    Why am I not getting phone calls?

    Your Primary number needs to be updated in PowerSchool or a cell or mobile number needs to be added.

    Why am I getting two phone calls or multiple calls?

    Primary numbers and cell numbers are being called for staff.

    You may be a staff member as well as a parent, and if so, you will get two calls if the messages are slightly different, or scheduled at different times.

    Text Messaging for Emergency School Closings and Delays and General Notifications

    Why did I get a text message?

    Your cell phone number was provided to your office staff and entered as a cell phone.

    Why didn’t I get a text message?

    You have not provided a cell phone number to your school office staff for entry into Blackboard Mass Notifications.

    Some carriers turn short code ability off by default. Please check with your carrier.

    How do I stop text messaging?

    Simply reply with "STOP" and a confirmation will be sent back.


    If you are still experiencing some issues, please enter a Tech Request ticket for Assistance with Blackboard Mass Notify or contact Tim Cooper at the District Office.