• York School District One is committed to recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of students.  Many of our students are deserving of and earn recognition for their efforts, making it virtually impossible to honor all awards at School Board meetings.  The District has developed guidelines for the qualifications for Board Recognition.

    Student Recognition Guidelines

    • Students who demonstrate academic, artistic, leadership or service excellence are eligible to be recognized. The following items are representative of the types of awards that are eligible for recognition. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive list:
      • First, second, or third-place regional, state, national, and/or international awards
      • Qualifiers for state/national school-sanctioned competitions
      • Perfect Score on State or National Assessment
      • District-level contest winners
    • The campus teacher, coach, sponsor, principal, or a district-level coordinator must initiate the request for student recognition by completing the correct request form.
    • Requests should be submitted within ten (10) days of the student earning the recognition. Within ten (10) days of receiving the request, the Office of the Superintendent will notify the initiator of the date of the Board Meeting at which the recognition will occur. School Board meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month.
    • An invitation letter for each recognized student will be sent directly to the student being recognized, with a courtesy copy to the initiator of the request.  The letter will contain RSVP directions for the students and/or parents regarding attendance plans. Notification of attendance is encouraged to know who will be announced and recognized at the meeting.


Recognition Request Forms