Since the start of the College Board Opportunity Scholarships program in December 2018, beginning with the class of 2020, 4,000 students each year will be able to earn scholarships. And we’re now pleased to welcome the class of 2021. The program is open for your juniors to begin, while your seniors continue their journey through March. In the weeks before or after winter break, use these new outreach resources to help spread the word and get your juniors started and these implementation tools to ensure your seniors stay on track. We’ll continue to provide you timely updates, tips, and resources for your juniors and seniors.

    If you or your counseling team haven’t already pledged, we encourage you to join the movement to commit to helping students with college planning. Take the pledge to receive a free resource kit to assist you in supporting your students as they take these key actions.

    Priority Action Steps for the Class of 2022

    Review the Educator Guide (.pdf/1.34 MB) to familiarize yourself with the student experience and advise your juniors to:

    Set up a College Board account, if they don’t already have one.

    Opt in to join the scholarship program that also serves as their guide to planning for college.

    Link their College Board and Khan Academy® accounts.

    Over winter break, get started on the first two scholarships:


    Start building a college list on BigFuture™.


    Start practicing on Official SAT® Practice on Khan Academy.

    Pro Tip: Some schools have signed up nearly every junior by allocating as little as 15 minutes during a class for students to sign up or setting aside a few minutes during scheduled holiday events.