• On Friday, July 19th the South Carolina Band Directors Association released the following statement:


    ”It is with great disappointment that we announce that the 2020 SCBDA Marching Band Championships (Upper/Lower Prelims, State Finals, 5A Festival/Championships) are cancelled. The health and well-being of our students, spectators, and directors are of the utmost importance and with the information before us at this point, we see no viable and safe option to make these events happen. While we recognize that the marching band activity is an integral part of each high school band program in South Carolina, we feel that suspending the 2020 events is the responsible and safe thing to do at this point.”


    York Cougar Bands What does this mean for the “Pride of York” Cougar Marching Band?

    • The YCHS Cougar Marching Band will be non-competitive for the fall season.
      • At least 24 states have cancelled their Marching Band Championships.
      • Many high school bands across our state have adopted a non-competitive methodology for this fall season.
      • Since the SCBDA has cancelled the State Marching Band Championship Prelims/Finals, the cancellation of our local area competitions is very probable, if not inevitable.
    • The objective is to give band students a Marching Band season that is as normal as possible. Plans are already underway for a non-competitive marching band production!
      • Performance opportunities are TBD for the future and will depend on current conditions at the time.
    • As always, students enrolled in the YCHS Marching Band and Cougarettes courses will continue to physically train for the marching band activity, and also learn, execute, and be evaluated on all of the visual/musical components of a competitive Marching Band curriculum.  
      • Directors and staff are prepared to deliver course content based on whichever learning plan YSD1 selects. 
    • Band Camp
      • Current members/parents will be receiving information concerning dates and protocols soon.


    Current YCHS Cougar Band members and their families will continue to receive updates as the directors gather more information concerning our YSD1 back-to-school plan, district calendar, and current protocols. 


    Although many enjoy marching competitions, they are not a marching band’s sole purpose.  A paradigm shift must be embraced in order to move forward with our student’s music training.  The YSD1 Band Directors and Staff continue to be committed to providing our band students with a well-balanced and rigorous instrumental music education curriculum, mixed with quality enrichment events and activities.  The YCHS Cougar Band has a rich tradition of excellence and we are dedicated to keeping this tradition alive and well! 


    Our main objectives are to protect the health, safety, and well-being of students/directors/staff, while also giving students the best possible learning experience that is as close to normal as health and safety will allow.