• The following was send via email to all district parents and staff on July 24, 2020.


    York School District One is preparing for the opening of school this fall. Read on for important information.


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    "Our focus is directed toward protecting the health, safety and well-being of students and staff while giving students the best possible learning experience that is as close to normal as health and safety allow."

    -- Kelly Coxe, Superintendent

    York School District One made a number of announcements this week as we continue to prepare for the reopening of schools in August.  Below is a recap of many of the announcements.

    Visit our School Reopening Website

    Updated Academic Calendar - First Full Day of School is August 24th


    A revised calendar for the coming school year has been approved with an official start date of August 24!

    However, we will do a series of orientation sessions the week of August 17th for grades K-8. More information will come from your school.

    Be sure to visit www.york.k12.sc.us/calendar for the latest updates. 


    Schools to open in Hybrid mode of Instruction


    At Wednesday's meeting of the Board of Trustees, Superintendent Kelly Coxe announced that when school opens on August 24th that they would operate in a Hybrid mode.  When operating in a Hybrid mode, students would attend school for face-to-face instruction 2 days a week and work remotely 3 days a week. More details on these modes of instruction are at www.york.k12.sc.us/tlc and on page 29 of our Reopening Plan.


    Submit your Declaration of Intent by July 28th


    Declarations of Intent, the form we are using to determine whether your child will be attending our Virtual Academy or our face-to-face model of instruction, is due July 28th. We will use this information to prepare for the new year, including updating your transportation needs. Please complete the Declaration of Intent by July 28th! Head over to www.york.k12.sc.us/doi to complete for each child in your household.


    York School District One Virtual Academy


    The YSD1 Virtual Academy is a 100% online option for students in grades K – 12. Learn more at www.york.k12.sc.us/virtualacademy and watch a recorded version of the session on our website. All classes will be taught by York School District One teachers who are certified in the subject area. We're excited to offer this opportunity to the students in our school district! 


    Students in grades 7-12 to receive Chromebooks


    York School District One is excited to announce that we are purchasing over 1500 Chromebook to provide to YCHS students in grades 9-12 this fall. This purchase, along with the 800 Chromebooks that were purchased and used by students at York Middle School last year, will allow all students in grades 7-12 to have their own computing device this school year.

    These will be student-issued devices for use regardless of the student's mode of instruction (Virtual Academy or face-to-face instruction according to our reopening plan). Our teachers and students will receive training on how to use the Chromebooks in both in-person and remote formats. Many of our teachers have made use of computers and Chromebooks in their classrooms for years, and we are excited to expand this offering. Middle and high school students enrolled in the YSD1 Virtual Academy will be assigned a district Chromebook for use at home, allowing existing home devices to be used by younger students.The new

    Chromebooks are not expected to arrive in the District until September due to global supply issues, but we are preparing for their arrival! If this information changes your decisions on enrollment in Virtual Academy, please contact info@york.k12.sc.us

    Please email info@york.k12.sc.us with any questions about the start of school.

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