Remote Learning Resources

  • Below are a number of resources to help students and parents access remote learning information from York School District One.

    At Home Learning Guide - How to Connect

    Parents are encouraged to use our At Home Learning Guide for Students to stay connected with student work and activities in Canvas and ClassLink LaunchPad. This guide shows students how to login to LaunchPad when gets them into Canvas for remote viewing of lessons. The guide also shows parents how to create Parent Observer Accounts in Canvas to stay connected with your child's teachers and monitor the student work.

    Creating Your Canvas Parent Observer Account

    Canvas is our district's online classroom space for teachers and students.  Teachers use Canvas to provide electronic resources to students, including instructional videos, links to websites, online assignments, and messaging.  

    Parents are encouraged to create a Canvas Observer Account in order to monitor student assignments and announcements in Canvas.  Creating an Observer account is easy and only requires an email address.  Use the file linked below for step-by-step directions on creating an Observer account.  Each parent can create an account, and a single account can connect to multiple students. These accounts stay connected as long as the child is a student in York School District One.

    Directions for Creating a Canvas Parent Account


    Accessing ClassLink

    ClassLink Launchpad is the district's one-stop location for logging into numerous websites and services that are used by students and teachers.  After logging into ClassLink using the student's username and password, students can quickly and easily access Canvas, Office 365, various online textbook resources, and other services, on a dashboard customized to the individual student.

    Students receive their username and password from their teachers.

    Users will be prompted to install the ClassLink Browser Extension when accessing certain websites, including Canvas and Office 365.  This free browser extension is easy to install, completely safe, and automatically logs users into websites, reducing the need to memorize multiple usernames and passwords!  Please install this browser extension while using Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or the new Microsoft Edge browser.

    Click to access York's ClassLink login page.

    Alternative Learning Guide

    Creating during the Spring 2020 school closure, the district's Alternative Learning Guide provides important resources for students and parents at all grade levels. The guide includes suggestions for creating a schedule at home, defining expectations, and suggestions for staying connected with teachers.  The Alternative Learning Guide also includes dozens of online resources that may be useful to students and parents.

    Click to view the Alternative Learning Guide.

    The district also maintains a list of online resources appropriate for all subject areas and all grade levels. These resources, provided by outside organizations, may provide valuable remediation and acceleration for students working from home. These resources are sorted by grade band and subject area.

    Click to view Family Resource Catalog