Virtual Choice Program Expectations

  • What to Expect

    Students that are accepted to the Virtual Choice Program can expect to receive direct instruction provided virtually by YSD1 certified teachers dedicated to online teaching and learning.  Students will participate and engage in virtual meetings, collaborative discussions, and tasks that include digital and interactive resources.


    Participating in the Virtual Choice Program will require the commitment of a student’s family, parent, or guardian to ensure the student is successful, especially in the elementary, intermediate, and middle school grade levels.  Due to staffing, resource allocations, and curriculum planning necessary to offer a Virtual Choice Program, participating in the program is a semester commitment.  Students participating in the Virtual Choice Program will remain enrolled in their home school and have the opportunity to participate in the home school’s extra-curricular activities, clubs, and organizations.  

    Please review specific grade-level expectations (Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, or High) for further information.

    Learning Guide Responsibilities

    Students accepted to the Virtual Choice Program are expected to have an adult learning guide, parent and/or guardian, that will serve as the student’s Learning Guide.  The learning guide is vital to the success of full-time virtual students.  Therefore, the student and learning guide will be expected to attend a required orientation at the beginning of the school year.  The learning guide is dedicated to partnering with the YSD1 virtual teacher to ensure the student participates in the daily learning activities and live sessions.  The learning guide is committed to providing and establishing a structure that will enable the student to manage the daily virtual program routine and successfully complete learning tasks.  The age of the student determines the extent of time that will be required by the learning guide to support the student’s daily learning. Some students may need more supervision and assistance with managing their daily schedule, logging into and navigating digital learning platforms, or completing independent assignments. In addition to the support the learning guide will provide, it is important that he/she maintain consistent and frequent communication with the teacher, monitor the student’s progress, and attend teacher conferences as requested. 


    Student Responsibilities

    Students and their respective learning guide are encouraged to spend the first few days becoming familiar with the technology, the learning platforms, and our learning management system, Canvas. Please be reminded that students and families are responsible for maintaining consistent and reliable internet access. Computer/internet issues will not be accepted as reasons for absences or failure to meet assignment deadlines. Students should maintain regular contact with their teacher(s), participate in live synchronous instructional sessions, and submit all learning tasks. Students must make every effort to attend and actively participate in synchronous live instruction to receive the appropriate direct instruction, supports, and interventions to complete the respective courses and master course content successfully.  




    Attendance will be taken daily.  Students must meet state attendance guidelines and attend daily virtual live sessions. Students that fail to attend daily virtual classes or submit work on time may be considered truant and will receive attendance intervention plans just as students attending face-to-face classes.  Student progress and attendance will be monitored routinely.  Students in danger of not meeting attendance requirements and/or not making adequate progress in the grade/course may be exited from the Virtual Choice Program.