• Mission, Vision, Beliefs, and Commitments

    During the 2020-2021 school year York School District One engaged in a process to foster the design and development of a support system that builds capacity, advances learning outcomes, and creates a shared understanding aligned with the district's mission, vision, beliefs, and board priorities. A variety of stakeholders engaged in a process to help identify the district's strengths and areas of future focus.


    Our mission is to cultivate a service-oriented community of learners who strive for personal growth and excellence as communicators, collaborators, creators, and critical thinkers.


    To Learn, Serve, and Give as ONE


    • Learning is a life-long, ever-changing process for students and staff.
    • Each child is unique and should have the opportunity to reach his/her full potential.
    • A safe, orderly, and nurturing environment is essential for learning.
    • Education is a collaborative effort between schools and the community.
    • Technology is a tool that should be leveraged to enhance the teaching and learning process.
    • Teaching and learning should be relevant, individualized, and intentional to equip students for success.


    1. We will foster and maintain a safe learning environment for students and staff.

    2. We will establish and nurture trusting and caring relationships with students, families, community members, and colleagues.

    3. We will provide quality learning experiences to meet the individual needs of students.

    4. We will embrace a commitment to continuous learning for students and staff.

    5. We will partner and collaborate with students, families, and the community to enhance educational experiences.