Let's Be Clear - YSD1 Clear Bag Guidelines

  • Ensuring the safety of students, staff, and guests of York School District One is a top priorityClear bags provide another level of safety and security recommended by the Department of Homeland Security. In keeping with this recommendation, York School District One will implement Clear Bag Guidelines and Procedures to ensure that our venues are safe for allAs students, staff, and guests' approach and enter event venues, law enforcement and staff workers can more easily spot prohibited items providing the ability to resolve safety or security concerns before they become an issue or threat. Additionally, YSD1 Clear Bag Guidelines and Procedures promote the Department of Homeland Securities “See Something, Say Something” campaign.  

    Students, staff, and guests of after-school Athletic and Performing Arts events held at York School District One venues will be expected to comply with Clear Bag Guidelines and Procedures.  

    Students, staff, and guests are allowed one large clear bag plus a small purse-type clutch. The large clear bag must be no larger than 12”x 6” x 12” and made of clear material that is easily searched. A gallon Ziploc-style bag is a readily available clear bag that meets these requirements. The small purse-type clutch can be used to carry more personal items but remains subject to search. The clutch must be no larger than 4.5”x 6.5.”  Medically necessary items are approved but subject to search. Every spectator, including children, is allowed to enter the venue with one clear bag.

Prohibited Items & Guidelines

  • The following prohibited bags include, but are not limited to: 

    Purses larger than a clutch bag, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs, cinch/drawstring bags, luggage of any kind, computer bags, diaper bags, binocular cases, and camera bags. 

    • Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, the following: weapons, alcohol, animals, (other than service animals as defined by ADA), drugs, lasers, fireworks, or outside food and drinks.  
    • If a spectator attempts to enter the venue with a clear bag, the event staff member should visually inspect the contents of the bag by looking through the outside of the clear bag. In the majority of cases, a visual inspection through the outside to the clear bags should be sufficient to determine that no contraband is being brought into the venue. If the event staff member determines that he/she is unable to adequately screen the bags contents from the outside bag, he/she is permitted to feel the bag or open it to look for any concealed items. Event staff members should be aware of the possibility that contraband may be concealed within blankets/garments carried in the clear bag or within a smaller bag stored inside the clear bag.  
    • If a spectator attempts to enter the venue with a permissible non-clear bag such as a small purse, “clutch,” or medical device the bags are subject to search.  
    • If a member of the media with proper credentials attempts to enter with an equipment bag, the event staff member should conduct a search of the bag prior to allowing entry.  
    • If a spectator does not comply with a request to search a bag, he/she will be asked to return the bag to his/her vehicle. No spectator should be authorized to enter a venue without first complying with this procedure.  
    • On occasion event staff members may encounter noncompliant or verbally aggressive individuals during the screening process who do not agree with the application of the rules to their person or property. If this occurs, the event staff should remain calm and attempt to deescalate the situation by re-explaining the rules. If the situation persists, the event staff member should stop the interaction and the uncooperative individual should be asked to step outside of the venue until a supervisor and/or nearby law enforcement officer can be notified and respond. At no time should the event staff member make the interaction personal or do anything that would escalate the situation.  
    • If contraband is located, the appropriate event supervisor or law enforcement officer should be notified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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