• What is a Youth Apprenticeship?


    It’s not a question of apprenticeship or college. Your student can do both! Whether your high schooler already has plans to attend college, would like to attend but might not have the means, or simply isn’t sure what their future holds, youth apprenticeship can provide the experience and maturity they need.

    Youth apprenticeship can help them make the college experience more meaningful, make higher education more affordable and accessible, and ultimately provide them insight into what it will take to reach their career goals. Youth apprenticeship can offer more than a straight line to a career. It can create a clear vision of how higher education can enhance and further that career. Youth apprenticeship also gives an advantage to your student when they graduate. Not only will they have the credentials necessary to qualify for the job they want, but your student will also have the meaningful work experience and a professional network to get them where they want to be—regardless of their path.

    At FDJTC, we are closely connected with two apprenticeship programs in particular:

    •     Apprenticeship Charlotte through Central Piedmont Community College
    •     Catawba Region Youth Apprenticeship Council through York Technical College

    Please see Ms. Carrigan in the FDJTC office with any questions about Youth Apprenticeship.