• The following was sent to parents and staff via email on January 5, 2022.


    During the holiday break SCDHEC updated the School Exclusion List for isolation and quarantine protocols related to COVID-19.  The new guidelines allow for reduced isolation periods for positive individuals and reduced quarantine periods for close contacts under certain criteria.  Based on the new information, York School District One is making changes to its protocols, effective Thursday, January 6, 2022.  

    The district carefully adheres to state and federal law, including the current protocols established by DHEC. Under South Carolina law, school districts are required to follow the DHEC's School Exclusion List, which establishes protocols for infected individuals and those who are determined to be close contacts as defined by SC DHEC's COVID-19 Guidance for K-12 Schools. Neither the school board nor the district administration has the authority to disregard or modify DHEC protocols for any illness included in the School Exclusion List.  However, the new guidelines give parents and staff options on how to respond when an individual is positive or exposed to COVID-19.

    Updated Quarantine & Isolation Guidance Document

    Parents and students who choose a reduced isolation and quarantine period will be asked to sign an agreement indicating they meet and agree to the criteria set forth in the shortened quarantine and isolation guidance document.

    The early return from isolations and quarantines is for school attendance and other extracurriculars where students can wear a mask while participating.  The early return option does not apply to participation in athletics.

    If your child is currently excluded from school based on the previous guidance, school personnel will be in touch with updated information. Thank you for your patience as we implement these new protocols.