YSD1 Accepting At-Home Rapid-Test Results to Return from Quarantine

  • York School District One will now accept at-home rapid-test results to allow students to return earlier from quarantine, per DHEC’s recommendation. This will go into effect on Friday, January 14. Below are the details on how to submit results from an at-home rapid-test:

    Students – Verification of at-home rapid-test results for students will be accepted at the school. The steps for submitting the results are as follows:

    1. Follow the District-issued guidance* provided by your school regarding what date the at-home rapid-test can be administered 
       (Per DHEC, the test must be taken on or after Day 5, and this information will be included in the guidance from the school)
    2. Administer the test following the instructions specific to the at-home rapid-test
    3. Sign and return the At-Home Attestation Form (online form link) required by DHEC to the school
      (Schools will communicate to parents specific instructions for how to submit the forms to their specific school; a paper version of the At-Home Attestation Form is available from the school)
    4. Sign and return the Early Return to School form, available at https://www.york.k12.sc.us/Page/1547

    *Students must receive District-issued quarantine guidance through the school BEFORE they submit verification of at-home rapid-test results. Schools will not be able to accept at-home rapid-test results if the student guidance has not been previously issued. 

    Incomplete forms will not be accepted.

    For more information about COVID-19 and York School District One's protocols, please visit the COVID-19 Information page. (http://www.york.k12.sc.us/tlc)