Test To Stay Information

  • On Tuesday, February 8, 2022, York School District One announced the adoption of DHEC’s Test to Stay option that schools can use to, in many cases, safely avoid quarantine and keep students in the classroom after exposure to someone infected with COVID-19.


    Under Test to Stay, if an unvaccinated student is determined to have been in contact with someone with COVID-19, they would not have to quarantine at home but could continue attending school as long as they do not have symptoms, agree to be tested and must wear a mask for 10 days. The individual must be tested within five to seven days after the close contact and if they test negative, they can remain in school. If they test positive, they must isolate at home. If tests are available to conduct a second test, then these should be done at least 24 hours after the first test but are not required. The tests can be performed by parents at home using rapid tests.

    Forms for Test To Stay are available at our Shortened Quarantine and Test to Stay page, under Option 1.