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  •  WSOC-TV YCHS Young Entrepreneur Takes Home Presidential Award

    WSOC-TV YCHS Young Entrepreneur Takes Home Presidential Award

    YCHS Senior Stephon Sanders was recently awarded the prestigious President’s Volunteer Service Award.  Stephon is a young entrepreneur who manages Street Gamez LLC, a company he created with help from his mother. Together, Stephon and his mother renovated a school bus, making it the ultimate game room for mobile parties. Stephon volunteers by speaking with young people about being an entrepreneur, which led to his receiving the President's Volunteer Service Award on January 20, 2024.

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  •  WCNC Mental Health Stronger Connections Grants

    WCNC YSD1 One of Only a Dozen Districts that Secured Stronger Connections Grants.

    Thanks to the dedicated efforts of Lisa Spangler, Coordinator of Special Projects and Grant Writer, and Chad Carper, Director of Student Services, York School District One stands out as the sole local school district to be awarded with the Stronger Connection Grant. This substantial grant, totaling $175,000.00, will be instrumental in facilitating the appointment of two additional mental health therapists.

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  • WBTV News Teachers Taking ‘Alternative Routes’ To The Classroom

    WBTV News Teachers Taking ‘Alternative Routes’ To The Classroom

    On Thursday, August 18, 2023 WBTV News covered the continued need for teachers in school districts across the nation and our area. As a part of this story, veteran 8th grade math teacher Jamie Benfield of York Middle School, 2nd year math teacher Ms. Kaicee Thomasson of York Comprehensive High School, and Director of Human Resources Ms. Jennfier Bolin were interviewed. Ms. Benfield shared, "This is my passion; not teaching Math, but teaching KIDS".

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  •  WBTV News covers YSD1's Affinity Health Clinic

    WBTV News YSD1's Affinity Health Clinic

    On Monday, August 7th, 2023 WBTV News covered YSD1's partnership with Affinity Health which includes access to a health clinic located at York Middle School.  The clinic offers primary care, such as checkups, vaccinations and mental health services, as well as referrals to specialized doctors.

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  •  WSOC-TV Students First Day amid Calendar Changes

    WSOC-TV Students First Day amid Calendar Changes

    On Monday, August 7th, 2023 WSOC-TV Charlotte covered the first day of school for students, including an interview with Jefferson Elementary School Principal Ms. Mattie Hughes. YSD1 is excited for the 2023-2024 school year and our ongoing journey through Student Centered Learning initiatives as well as implementing a new Modified-Balanced Calendar and Competency Based Education practices.

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