4 Year-Old CERDEP Program

  • YSD1 provides an excellent school beginning for our youngest learners! Our pre-kindergarten (4K) program, South Carolina Child Early Reading Development and Education Program (CERDEP), is available for income-eligible children who will be 4-years of age on/before September 1st. The program provides a full-day comprehensive approach to learning and follows the regular arrival and dismissal times of your child's elementary school.  Bus transportation is provided and breakfast and lunch are served daily.

    The district's CERDEP program is administered in partnership with the South Carolina Department of Education. CERDEP classrooms focus on the developmental support and learning that children must have in order to be ready for school. The program incorporates evidence-based practices, ongoing assessment, and parenting education.

    Enrollment for the 4K Child Early Reading Development and Education Program is open and non-discriminatory.  As part of the registration process, all students must be baseline-tested using a school readiness screening tool, DIAL-4.  In the event the number of income-eligible children exceeds the space available, these additional children will be placed on a waiting list mainitained at the school level.  Children on the waiting list will be enrolled based on eligible student's educational need (as determined by DIAL-4 screening) at the time the vacancy occurs. 

    For additional information regarding our CERDEP programs, please contact the elementary school within your attendance zone. You can determine your assigned elementary school by visiting the YSD1 Transportation page. 


    South Carolina Child Early Reading Development and Education Program (CERDEP)


    2020-2021 CERDEP School Handbooks

    Cotton Belt Elementary

    Harold C. Johnson Elementary

    Hickory Grove-Sharon Elementary

    Hunter Street Elementary

    Jefferson Elementary