• The school district is committed to a sound, comprehensive health education program that is an integral part of each student's general education.

    The district will fulfill its responsibility for meeting the health needs of children and youth through a comprehensive program of health education in grades kindergarten through twelve.

    Comprehensive Health Education includes instruction that maintains, reinforces, or enhances the health, health-related skills, and health attitudes and practices of children and youth that are conducive to their good health. Instruction will promote skills, practices, and attitudes which promote wellness, health maintenance, and disease prevention as well as teach students how to advocate for personal, family, and community health. Instruction must include reproductive health education, pregnancy prevention education, and family life education, in accordance with the state Comprehensive Health Education Act.

    School level principals will communicate and notify parents/legal guardians of students in the relevant grades of the content of the instructional materials concerning reproductive health, family life, sexually transmitted diseases and infections (if this is a separate component), and pregnancy prevention.

    The following documents contain state and district information regarding Health and Safety Education.

    South Carolina Standards for Health and Safety Education

    2014 Comprehensive Health Education Act 1988


    YSD1 Comprehensive Health Education Curriculum Guide and Resources