Student Transfers

  • Parents who desire to transfer their child(ren) to a different school in the district outside the residential school zone must submit a Student Transfer Request form to our district office.  Consideration is contingent upon, but not limited to, the following guidelines:

    • Approved student transfer requests are valid for one school year.
    • Student transfer requests must be submitted annually.
    • Parents must provide transportation to and from school.
    • Proof of residence must be provided.

    York School District 1 reserves the right to rescind approval due to overcrowded conditions, inappropriate student behavior, excessive absences or tardies, or any other reason that the Board or their designee deems necessary.

    Transfer applications for the 2024-2025 school year opens June 24, 2024. Once the applications are available, transfer applications will be dated, time-stamped, and will be reviewed in the order in which they were received. Decisions will be contingent upon, but not limited to, class sizes at the school you are requesting. 

Submit a Student Transfer Request

  • The Student Transfer Application window for 2024-25 will open June 24th, 2024. Parents will be notified about the transfer request status in July 2024.