Verification of Residency

  • In the event that a student and his/her parent or legal guardian live in a residence where the acceptable proofs of residence are in someone else's name (e.g., grandmother's, other relative's, friend's), the parent or guardian must complete the Verification of Residency (VOR) process.

    The homeowner (e.g., grandmother, relative, friend) should accompany the parent/legal guardian to a public notary to complete and sign an official Verification of Residency Form.   If a student is enrolled using a VOR, the parent/legal guardian will have 30 days after initial enrollment to present to the school a valid secondary proof of residency in his/her name. Failure to do so may result in the student being withdrawn from the school.

    Valid types of secondary proof of residency for parents/legal guardians completing a VOR form may include voter registration cards, bills, bank statements, driver's license, or other government documents showing the address.

    The VOR process must be renewed each year with an updated VOR form and recent primary and secondary proofs of residency. 

    For questions or more information, please contact the York School District 1 office at 803-684-9916.