• New This Year

    Doors open for students at 7:15 a.m. Parents should not leave students at school before that time.
    Students will be report directly to class.

    Students eating breakfast should arrive by 7:30.


  • Dismissal is at 2:15.

    Car riders and students walking home should be picked up promptly at our 2:15 dismissal time.  
    Pick-up locations: 

    • Pre-K-1st grade at front of school
    • 2nd-4th grade at side of school

    At 2:30, remaining students will be brought to the main office. 

    *If students are left at school after 3:00 PM without contact from the parent/guardian, the York Police Department will be contacted for assistance.

    Car Riders
    School personnel will accompany students being transported by car to the parent pick-up line at the various dismissal areas of the school. Please follow the signs for parent pick up. 

    Dismissal Changes
    Students will not be allowed to go home a different way from his/her regular travel unless permission is requested by a parent/guardian in writing.   


    Early Dismissal
    Students are expected to remain in their class until the end of the instructional day, 2:15 pm. For the safety of all students, no student will be dismissed early without a parent or legal guardian coming to the Main Office to sign the student out.  

    We will not dismiss a child after 1:45pm.  

    For complete transportation/dismissal information, see student handbook.