• Hunter Street Elementary School Counseling Services

    The mission of Hunter Street Elementary School Counseling Services is to provide equitable services and access to all students through our comprehensive developmentally-focused school counseling program which focuses on the academic, career, and social/emotional growth of all students.

    The counseling program is built upon the guiding principles of the American School Counseling Association’s National Model which provides access and the equitable opportunity for achievement for all students through the themes of leadership, advocacy, collaboration, and systemic change.

    Our ambition is to build and challenge students to become life-long learners in their ability to think critically, solve issues through personal strength and support, and to make sound decisions for themselves and their community in becoming better citizens.

    The mission and vision of this program further calls upon the community as stakeholders to be involved with students and school activities to provide resources and relationships to positively impact students and their families.

    This vision mirrors the words of our school and district which call upon us to be “Connected as One” and “To Learn, Serve, and Give as One.”