• What is School Improvement Council and How Can I Serve?

    A School Improvement Council (SIC) is an advisory body to the principal and school.  State law requires that every K-12 public school have a SIC that includes:

    • At least 2 parents elected by parents
    • At least 2 teachers elected by teachers
    • At lease 2 students elected by students
    • Community members who do not have children enrolled at the school, appointed by the principal
    • The principal and other ex-officio members


    What Kinds of Things Do SICs Do?

    SICs are focused on school improvement.  SIC members participate in writing the school improvement plan by sharing their knowledge about student, family, and community needs and suggesting ideas for effective change.  Under South Carolina's new Read to Succeed law, SICs also advise their school on plans to improve student reading levels.

    SICs carry out many different kinds of activitie that help schools meet their improvement goals.  For example, SICs may decide to work together with their schools on:

    • Using new and effective ways to get more parents involved in their school and student learning
    • Bringing in volunteers, funds, goods and services, or other needed resources from the community to the school


    SIC elections must be held by October 15th each year.  Some schools hold elections at the beginning of the school year; others hold elections in late spring for the coming school year.  Contact Dr. John Tharp, YCHS principal, for specific details about SIC elections and community member appointments at your school.


    SIC meetings are held on the last Tuesday of every month at YCHS.  See the calendar for times and dates.