Welcome to the School Counseling Office

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    Last names A – C L. Davis lidavis@york.k12.sc.us
    Last names D – Ha

    F. Linen,  Department Chair

    Last names He – Mc J. Green jgreen@york.k12.sc.us
    Last names Me – Se R. Johnson rjohnson@york.k12.sc.us
    Last names Sh - Z L. Wallace lwallace@york.k12.sc.us
    Registrar C. Spires cspires@york.k12.sc.us

    Administrative Assistant to the School Counseling Office

    R. Dawkins rdawkins@york.k12.sc.us



    1. ALL local scholarships will be up on the guidance webpage, so please keep checking back. You must print them off and then mail them yourself.
    2. Any teacher recommendations needed should be emailed to the teacher or recommender and request that the adult email you a copy so that you may use it immediately. If there is a specific form the recommender needs to fill out, please just ask for a letter of recommendation instead and have the recommender explain they do not have access to that form.
    3. Official transcript requests should go directly to your school counselor, who can email you a copy of your transcript to put with any packets.
    4. If the scholarship says to submit to guidance, please contact Mrs. Davis at lidavis@york.k12.sc.us
    • If you can make an electronic submission, please do so and send the application to Mrs. Davis along with any teacher recommendations needed.
    • For those you had to print because they are PDFs- Mrs. Davis will create a dropbox outside of the school, so please email her before you drop anything off. 
    1. It is still your responsibility to keep checking back on the webpage https://www.york.k12.sc.us/Page/919  for updated scholarships and to make sure your applications have all materials needed.
    2. Please, everyone stay healthy and safe. Take this opportunity while you are home to be completing scholarship applications. 
    3. Any questions about scholarships direct them to your counselor or Mrs. Davis at lidavis@york.k12.sc.us