Free & Reduced Lunch Benefits

  • If you prefer a paper Free and Reduced Lunch application please request it from your school cafeteria manager.

    Free and Reduced price meals are available to students whose families meet the income guidelines located on the application.  In order to qualify for meal benefits for the new school year, a new application must be submitted after July 1st 2022 to our department. Without a new application, your current benefits will EXPIRE on September 30, 2022. This means the student will need to pay for their meals if a new application is not completed for the school year.

    If you qualify for free meals, a student is allowed one free breakfast and one free lunch. The reduced meal cost is: $.30 for breakfast and $.40 for lunch at all schools and grade levels.

    The information you provide is entirely confidential and will only be used to determine your child(ren) eligibility to receive free or reduced meal prices. We treat all our students with dignity and respect in which your student will not be singled out or identified as receiving free or reduced price meals.  All students have a PIN number and students are not identified as receiving free or reduced meals. 

    We recommend applying online, however paper meal applications in English or Spanish are available in your schools main office.


    The following schools participate in a federal program called Breakfast in the Classroom in which students receive a free breakfast everyday: Cotton Belt Elementary School, Harold C. Johnson Elementary, Hickory Grove-Sharon Elementary, Hunter Street Elementary, and Jefferson Elementary School.