• Parenting Partnerships is the parent education program for York School District One.  Our mission is to support parents by providing education, information and resouces that they can use in their role as their child's first and most important teacher.  The Parents as Teachers program provides services for families with children from prenatal until their child is five and enters kindergarten.  Parents as Teachers provides a multi-level approach that addresses the child's developmental ages and stages and promotes positive parenting through teaching and providing experiences that will enhance their child's learning and better prepare them for school readiness.  Parents gain knowledge through personal visits, parent group meetings, screenings and resource networks. 

    Other services offered are Parent Education Classes, resources and materials for parents and children in English and Spanish and pamphlets on parenting and community resources that are available. 

     Our family resource center offers other services such as Affinity Health Center, Tri-District Adult Education and South Carolina Thrive where families can apply for medical assistance and for food assistance.