•                                           York School District One Virtual Academy

About the Virtual Academy

  • York School District One will be offering a new Virtual Academy for the 2020-202school year in an effort to accommodate families that would prefer their student(s) to have a full-time virtual option.  Students in grades K – 12 will have the opportunity to experience quality instruction led by York School District One teachers in a virtual classroom environment and focused on 100% virtual instruction throughout the day.   

    Teachers in the Virtual Academy will provide face-to-face instruction, flexible support with individuals or small groups, and teacher-developed lessons for core and elective classes via live-streaming and digital coursework through computer-based platform.  Unlike a remote learning environment, students enrolled in the Virtual Academy will follow a schedule just as they would in a traditional brick and mortar school. Students will have the opportunity to receive standards-based content, ask questions, participate in classroom discussions and independent work, submit assignments, and demonstrate mastery of learning from the safety and comfort of their homes.   

Virtual Academy classes begin August 31st. More details will be sent from Dr. Barber over the coming days.

Have questions?

  • Who are the teachers in the YSD1 Virtual Academy?

  • What online service will be used for the Virtual Academy?

  • How will lessons be delivered?

  • What does the class schedule look like?

  • Will my student get to know their teachers?

  • What activities will my child be able to participate in?

  • What are the student expectations for the Virtual Academy?

  • Will my child with special needs be provides special support services?

  • What technology does my child need in order to participate in the Virtual Academy?

  • Can my student participate in band or chorus?

  • Can my student participate in clubs or athletics?

  • Will there be a regular virtual class meeting schedule?

  • How is the Virtual Academy different from the remote learning that occurred this past spring?

  • How does virtual coursework and requirements compare to the traditional classroom?

  • Will students be required to attend scheduled class sessions or can they work at their own pace?