• Welcome to York One Academy! We are excited to have your student here as we embark on a journey together towards returning to their home school.

    YOA serves as the district’s alternative program. This program is designed to be a short-term intervention that helps students identify strategies that they can use upon return to their home schools. While at York One Academy, students will work collaboratively with staff to identify patterns in their behavior, explore alternatives to current behaviors, set individualized personal development goals, and engage in ongoing self-reflection.

    Our staff wants what is best for your student! Each member of our staff brings diverse experience to the work we do at YOA! We value relationships with students here, and we rely on these relationships to create positive change. The core of our philosophy is that all students have the ability to be successful in working towards growth and change.

    One of our big areas of focus is transition back to home schools. We work with staff at home schools before, during, and after the transition process to ensure student success beyond their time in our program.

    Here in Your Service,

    The YOA Staff