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  • 9th Grade Individual Graduation Plan Meetings 

    It is time to schedule your Freshman's Individual Graduation Plan meeting. We will be holding 9th-grade IGPs from April 14-May 12, 2023. These meetings typically take around 30 minutes. Your IGP will review future plans, courses to take your sophomore year, college and career information, and more! Please review the information and video provided on the "freshman conferences" section of the guidance webpage before attending your conference. If you cannot attend your child's IGP in person, we encourage you to participate by phone.  We look forward to seeing everyone there! Please use the link provided below for your specific counselor to schedule your meeting. 

    Steps to scheduling your appointment:

    (1) Click on your School Counselor's Name (Based on your last name)

    (2) Click the date/time you prefer for your meeting (Select one)

    (3) Enter your information (Use Student Name for Appointment).

    (4) Click SCHEDULE EVENT to confirm.

    Any IGP not scheduled by the family by April 28th, will be scheduled by the School Counselors.


    2023-2024 Course Registration Information


    2023-2024 Course Description Guide






    School Counselors
    Mrs. Lisa Davis, (last name A-C) - lidavis@york.k12.sc.us
    Mrs. Freda Linen, Department Chair (last name D-Ha) - flinen@york.k12.sc.us
    Mrs. Susan West, (last name He-Mc) - swest@york.k12.sc.us
    Mr. Richard Johnson, (last name Me-Se) - rjohnson@york.k12.sc.us
    Mrs. Lynda Wallace, (last name Sh-Z) - lwallace@york.k12.sc.us




    We ask that you do one of the following to schedule an appointment with your counselor:



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    • Create a realistic work schedule - Keep up with each class, and break your day up by A/B days.
    • Don't hang around in your pajamas all day - You'll feel more productive by getting showered and dressed each day.
    • Create a designated workspace - Keep it clear of clutter. Make sure there is plenty of light. Have the materials you need (pencils, pens, paper, etc.)
    • Stay away from your phone - Put the phone away when working on schoolwork (unless you are using it for work). Please eliminate the distraction and temptation by putting it on airplane mode or in a drawer or another room.
    • Watch your sleep schedule - Don't let your sleep schedule get out of whack by binge-watching shows. While your sleep schedule may not need to be as strict, getting a good night's sleep is essential.
    • Schedule some fun things to do - Plan for something you can look forward to in your day. This is important to maintain your mental and physical health! Get outside for some fresh air. Get physically active. Plan phone calls with your friends-something more than texting to feel a social connection.
    • Communicate with your teachers. Teachers get worried if they haven't heard from students in some way, shape, or form. So they will first reach out to students to see how they can help.
    • What counts as "communication."
    • *Turning in Assignments
    • *Emailing a teacher if you are struggling or have a question
    • *Logging on to an assigned program
    • *Logging on to complete online classes if you enrolled in credit recovery