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Dental Programs Available for Students in York School District 1

York School District 1 is making available two different dental programs this year: Dental Access Mobile Clinic and Health Promotion Specialists. It is your choice whether to use a service for your child and if so, which program you select. If your child currently sees a primary dentist, you are not eligible for either of these services.

On Wednesday, September 5th, your child brought home an informational letter with instructions, descriptions of both programs, and two different consent forms. Please note: DO NOT sign both of these consent forms. Your child cannot receive both services. You must CHOOSE ONE service and return ONE signed consent form to your child's school.

If you choose one of these services, please complete the consent form for the service you select and have your child return the form to their teacher.

If you need additional copies of the consent forms, please contact your school office. Their phone numbers can be found at