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YSD1 Multipliers Award Recipients Recognized

As we strive to celebrate the outstanding achievements of our exceptional staff, YSD1 has established awards to recognize individuals or groups of individuals that demonstrate exemplary dedication, innovation, and exceptional performance throughout the year. This is an opportunity for us to express our gratitude and appreciation for the hard work and commitment to excellence that many of our employees have consistently demonstrated.

At the February 2024 YSD1 Board of Trustees meeting, the board recognized three individuals as Multiplier Award recipients.  Multipliers offer the absolute best of their thinking, creativity, and ideas. They give more than their job requires and volunteer their discretionary effort, energy, and resourcefulness. They find personal satisfaction in coming to the aid of the organization.

Multipliers see a need and work to fill the need, without concern regarding their position or title.  They actively search for more valuable ways to contribute and hold themselves to the highest standards.  Multipliers are genius makers. They amplify the intelligence in others by recognizing the unique talents of each individual and providing opportunities for others to share their talent.  Multipliers build collective intelligence and capacity at every level of the organization.  Multipliers offer thoughtful input focused on solutions rather than simply naming problems.

Individuals were nominated by Principals, Assistant Principals, and Executive Staff Members.  All nominations were then reviewed by a committee.

To learn more about the Multiplier Builder Award and the accomplishments of each of the recipients, visit

Congratulations to FEBRUARY 2024 Multiplier Award Recipients:

  • Hunter Street Elementary MTSS Team: Ms. Paulette Moore, Ms. Beth Mitchell, Ms. Jenny Hill, Ms. Hannah Fairfax, Ms. Kristi Patterson, and Ms. Courtney McSwain