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2017-18 School Report Cards Released

On November 29, 2018, the South Carolina Department of Education and the Education Oversight Committee released new school and district report cards as part of the state’s newly-merged state and federal accountability system. For York School District One, the report cards represent one set of measures that we will review and analyze, along with other data, as we focus on areas for improvement and growth. These measures include financial information, demographics, instructional information, and assessment data.


Each elementary, middle and high school received an Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average or Unsatisfactory overall performance rating for the school. York School District One schools received two Excellent, one Good, three Average, one Below Average and one Unsatisfactory.


Our principals, teachers and support staff work tirelessly to increase academic achievement and outcomes and provide opportunities for our students. Schools will be sharing additional information about the report cards in the upcoming weeks.


Please click on the link below to view this year's report cards: 

South Carolina School Report Cards:


Additionally, the Education Oversight Committee has developed a Guide to the 2018 SC School Report Cards.